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average rating 7

Name: Sandi & John
Rating: 7
Date: 10 Sep 2003


We stayed there in July of 2003. Lovely area of Jordaan. We walked to train station, Anne Frank house, Art museums.. etc. Right off a canal. Color tv... in room shower & toilet. First night stayed on TOP floor with Amsterdam's traditional STEEP stairs (almost a ladder!!). 2nd night we stayed in one of the canal boats.. WONDERFULLY roomy & charming. Third night, 2nd floor (a much nicer climb). Saturday has the wonderful Lindengract Market - a street fair right outside your front door! Two pubs are within 30 seconds of front door. We found the hotel's traditional Dutch breakfast wonderful: hard boiled egg, basket of assorted breads, ham & cheese, butter, jams & chocolate sprinkles.. juice & coffee, tea. No extra change for anything. Great staff.. very warm & helpful. I'd love to go back again. Not a luxary hotel.. but a comfy place to stay with character. :)

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